BBs Bar - (Bars in Skala)

Kathleen I          9/10

This bar is a nice place to chill out for an hour after evening meal. The drinks (local or imports) are reasonable price and the cocktails although we didnt have any , seemed popular and slightly cheaper than other bars. The staff are very friendly, and the service is good and quick. What more do you want ?   Kath and Jim Ingham Bolton UK.

Noufaro Garden Bar - (Bars in Skala)

Kathleen I

My Husband Jim and I visited the Noufaro bar every night late on, as it was very close to our apartment. We always sat in the side on the main street. The bar is split into two parts, one is in the garden next to the superb Restaurant. whilst the other side is on the main street.  where we sat seemed to be the gathering place for people who come to Skala every year. They are a nice crowd and gave good advice about Skala and the island in general . The drinks are average price for the resort. and the bar staff are lovely. For sports fans there are large screen TVs with premiership  and Euro football Although this is kept at a reasonable noise level so its not "in yer  face " All in all a very nice place to have a few beers with your friends. Cheers Kath and Jim Ingham Bolton UK.