Mikelatos (Scandinavia) - (Restaurants in Skala)

Jim P          9/10

just returned from skala this week- weather in mid 30's  2 weeks.
went to scandinavia, twice, had good food, beer and excellent service.
Great to see "POSH" working the bar.
Resort did not seem very busy though.

squawkj@aol.com 28th July 2007

BBs Bar - (Bars in Skala)

Jim P          10/10

just returned from the best two weeks, as maria has return to BB'S- got to best the best bar maid,
if anyboby has BB'S email address please forward to me.

squawkj@aol.com 28.07.07

San Giorgio Hotel - (Accommodation in Skala)

Jim P          9/10

just returned after our fourth stay at San Giorgio,got to thank sonia, franscesca,makis and all other staff for a great stay,all worked thier socks of to give us two weeks of want we wanted!
The Island has suffered due to the lack of rain, not as green as normal, and fires are a big problem at the moment.
All very much the same in and around Skala, clean and all taverna and bars still trading well.
Special note to all red blooded "persons", Maria is back working BB'S, got to be the best person in the world!!!

Eating out.
La Luna    below par   4/10
Mi abeli    always to busy could not get a seat!!
Scandanavia.    great 8/10.
Galera    great 9/10.
Flamingo     great 9/10.
Manor house    this years favourite, visited twice 10/10.

Mediterranee Hotel - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Jim P          8/10

just returned yesterday from 2 week break.
Weather brilliant.
A little undecided on opinion of holiday overall.
Location very central
Hotel-outside dated and depressing, inside above average,
receptionists 10/10
rooms clean and all other services required intact.
Food- more than above average, good selections very well presented, waiting staff 10/10
Pool small gets crowded, early birds get sun beds.
Beach, 10/10 good access for children and non swimmers, great snorkelling.
Eating/drinking out all locations seems very high, equal to suburban London.
Just did not have that little bit of sparkle we all want on our holidays, would i return-yes,
but not next year.

Mediterranee Hotel - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Jim P          2/10

I've just returned yesterday 19th July after two weeks break.
Found the whole of the island very quit and expensive.
Hotel med as usual very clean, i paid for an upgrade on the room, but found the only difference was a sea view!
Seems businesses are now feeling the reccession and looking to cut costs, again this is sadly reflected in staff as they are all on eggshells, no good for holiday makers footing the bill.
I cant see us returning to the island in the near future.

Mediterranee Hotel - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Jim P

Do people ever read these pages?
Well in 2008 i said i would not be returning next year- i did.
I then posted that I would not be returning- I am, July 3rd two weeks!!!!
I looked at options, but i just love the place.
Everything is costing more-everywhere, so what the hell go for it.
just hope its got a bit more life this year.

Mediterranee Hotel - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Jim P          3/10

Well, just back after 2 weeks, as predicted everthing just average but still love the place.
Very quite in Lassi, they are really feeling the pinch car hire very slow but the result is very quite roads, like the old days and lots of fun driving on open roads in the mountains.
Food acceptable, but did drop off the 2nd week, only so much they can do with left overs.
Found that as this was our 3rd stay in 4 years, restuarant waiters a bit complacent, 1 in particular could be bloody rude.
Best thing overall has to be the beach.