La Mer Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Joseph K           

Excellent food, great atmosphere and reasonably priced, the service is great also. You will not be disappointed 

Maria Anna Hotel - (Accommodation in Lourdas)

Joseph K           

This place is awesome!

Just spent 2 weeks there with my partner and we had the best holiday ever. The location is amazing, with a sea view from the balcony each morning. This view is continued when relaxing around the pool and looking down the mountain to the ocean.
The staff were friendly and accomodating. The Greek owner and family were there most of the time and, as with all Kef residents, were welcoming and personable. They allowed us to borrow a parasol from reception when we visited Kinali beach (you must go there). The bar staff were great, Geordie Lee and a few Eastern European girls...
Breakfast was fine and the snacks served at poolside bar were just enough. .
Thoroughly recommend this place.
BBQ is a must too!

Blue Sea Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Joseph K           

Samantha you are right. My review was meant for Casa de Blue.

Thanks for pointing that one out...I feel awful :)

Casa de Blue Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Joseph K           

We used this website before we visited Lourdas and found it useful, so I will be honest and fair. The decor of this taverna is horrendous, but as it is "on the strip", you have to try it and not allow first impressions to dictate eating your trends. The service was ok, however the food was poor. Malnutrition was chiefly to blame for the rabbit ending up in the Stifado. It is easier to find a unicorn than a morsel of meat in this dish. It was served with what tasted like Uncle Ben's rice. Not good! My partner had the fish and that was ok apparently. The main problem with the place is the slimy manager/owner/cheesy caricature, and the Danny Devito waiter. These comments can possibly effect livelihoods so I will exercise restraint. If the food was fantastic then you could put up with Swiss Tony and the Grump, but it isn't, I would not recommend this restaurant.