Sta Vento - (Bars in Skala)

Sarah M  (09 September 2003)         

If you use their sunbeds you get bottles o water for your 7 euros, added value. This is a beautiful looking beach bar and the owner Makis is lovely. They really looked after us. Unfortunately, as it is away from the main street it's difficult to get to at night (no lighting on the road). If you do make it it's great to look over to the mainland and see the stars. Te music is sophisticated "Cafe del Mar" style and the atmosphere is almost Caribbean. It is frequested mostly by young Greeks as they know the name from another bar in Argostoli. Well worth the effort.

Socrates - (Restaurants in Skala)

Sarah M           

The restaurants we visited on the main street were very samey and we tried Socrates on a recommendation. I wish we had found it earlier in the week. Yes, the menu is limited but the food is at least all fresh and not just slung together with an attitude of "that'll do for the tourists". The service was great and very fiendly, on our second visiit they gave us a bottle of their wine to take home. I could have done with a little more seafood (I don't eat meat) but everything we had was just great. I was reassured to see seversal Greek people eating there too. Despite the fact that it is out of the way it was always busy, even towards the end of the season.

Suzuki Samurai (4x4) - (Hire Cars in Kefalonia)

Sarah M           

Don't do it! The roads are scary enough without having to traverse them in this tractor.

Chrisoula Studios - (Accommodation in Skala)

Sarah M           

We were not impressed. We were shoved up to the attic room which got far too hot and the towels/bedding didn't look clean when we arrived. The drains stank and although we were there for a week our room wasn't touched by the maid (with Greek plumbing I found this quite disgusting). We had to collar her for extra towels and ended up buying our own toilet paper. I don't mind "basic but clean", afterall I'm not going to be sitting indoors all day but some standards would be nice. The owner seemed to think he was doing us a favour letting us stay in the dump, anyone would think he wasn't getting paid. It's almost like there's a cartel of hoteliers and tour operators leaching off poor unsuspecting tourists. In this respect of the holiday we felt ripped-off.

BBs Bar - (Bars in Skala)

Sarah M           

This is the kind of place that's going to turn Skala into another Faliraki. If you like this sort of thing go elsewhere please! On Friday night at about 4am a fight broke out outside. The whole thing is too depressing, I didn't need this kind of reminder of "home".