Dionysos Taverna Menu - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Kenneth J          8/10

We ate here three times , granted it was quiet (First week in May) so they were not stretched, but we could not have wished for a friendlier reception. Service is typically Greek.They do not rush meals. However you only have to ask . If you want fast food - go to Blackpool. If you want good food freshly cooked - come here. They even made Kefalonian meat pie specially for us! And dont think you will give your stomach a rest by ordering a salad. we both had the biggest , and probably best, salads we have ever had!

We will certainly be returning to Lourdas and will no doubt eat here again.

Lorraines Magic Hill - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Kenneth J          8/10

Just got back from Louardes and ate twice at Lorraines. WARNING THE SIZE OF THEIR PORTIONS CAN SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOUR WAISTLINE!

Food was all good - the Kleftico was very tasty! Don't eat the Feta cheese starter unless you are a seriously big eater or do not want a main course! That was my normal weeks cheese consumption in one sitting....
Food was good, service typical Greek, they do not rush their meals nor do they rush you. Chill out and enjoy the view and let the food settle . It makes a very pleasant dining experiance.

Spiros Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Kenneth J          9/10

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Had a very nice lunch here - his omlettes are very nice. Setting is beautiful.The picture is a view from the front of the premesis towards the bay. Ate one evening also, the Kefalonian meat pie was very good and prices very reasonable. Once again service is typical greek - at your pace and not rushed. Highly recommended.